PCI-DSS: how to get certified

Measure the security level of your Internal Network, Network segmantations, VPN, Web-application, Mobile applications to be able to earn your PCI-DSS certification. Cloud/container vs. self-hosted architecture security checks, recommendations.

Secure from the design - Architect services

Cloud vs Self-hosted? Container based infrasructure? Microservices? Also need a security certification? We'll help to get the best architecture and be able to pass on your security requirements/audit/certification/

Penetration Tests

Vulnerability Assessments are the core of building a company's resilience against attacks, or to get certified. Check out the maturity level of your systems


Still the most stable OS in use in Industrial Environments: OS/2. Running OS/2 on modern hardware for your appliance OR provide a complete turnkey replacement with your application preinstalled. So you can ride with OS/2 for another decade.

NOWadays the biggest risks in IT Security are coming from data leakage - data stealing and from the vulnerable IT infrastructure. It is now a daily example in the media to hear about unauthorized data accesses, hijacked computers and complete IT systems, or similar technological abuses. These criminal activities results in serious damages not only on IT level: significant loss on the business reputation, risking a company’s market position and the development opportunities. The stolen customer data manipulations available because of vulnerable IT systems, can influent the public view of companies badly above on the embarrassing incident(s) itself. Market positions earned hard, recognition became to nothing if the customer trust got shaken, if the company data assets serves others.

Your Information Security is a kind of status,
or a maturity level - what you have to keep on high.


nConnect Hungary Ltd. founded by IT professionals, experts from the various areas of Information Technology in 2010 in order to integrate their experience. We are providing complete services on the field of IT Security, along with designing, planning and managing Information Systems from zero to the Enterprise sector. The Vulnerability Assessment Method of nConnect is based on the method what is the base of cybersecurity at EU or NATO. Built on international experiences, our focus is on thehuman intelligence - the „manual” work. The audit kind automated scanning - widely used in Western Europe - just extensions of our methodology..

What’s determining the security level of any IT infrastructure?
The weakest link.

Recent Work

Performing PCI-DSS related Vulnerability Assessements. * Enabling clients with Audit (ISO27001 PCI-DSS) preparation. * Providing Turnkey replacement for IBM OS/2 based control on fresh hardware. * [Security] Architect service plus security/quality control for developing backend-frontend & mobile-applications - secure development.


Vulnerability Assesments

Offensive information security assessment, or Ethical Hacking where real world hacking methods, techniques are used in order to find out how secure is the actual IT infrastructure.

Software development, QC

Let’s have secured applications, smart apps! Application development from zero, towards the security focused code audit of existing applications (web applications, smart apps, etc.)

Security Architect

Monolitic or Microservices? Self hosted vs. Cloud based? Virtualized or Phisycal? With 15+ years of Enterprise IT managment & Architecture build experience combined with the offensive IT security knowledge we can desing build or help making the best architecture for you from step one.

Information/IT Security Audits, Audit Preparation Services

In collaboration with our partners - preparation for PCI DSS or ISO 27001 certification, with the real world IT security experiences of Vulnerability Assessments.

Industrial PC/Control support

Using OS/2 with decades old Hardware? The never down control PC is getting unstable? Providing solution by keeping the OS/2 for another 20+ years.

Trainings, with Hands on knowledge

Training services for anyone. C level, Management, Technical staff, non-IT employess? Tailored for the actual audience.

Reverse Engineering

Embedded devices, IOT security assessment, firmware vulnerabilities.

Smart home security

Are you sure you're the only one in control. Building secure Smart Homes, checking for security holes in existing one. Designing Secure Smart Homes by default.

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